Shooting Leagues

Shooting Leagues & Special Events

Join us in celebrating the art of precision shooting and the spirit of competition. Whether you’re an aspiring champion or simply looking to enjoy the adrenaline rush, A shooting league is your destination for everything shooting-related. It’s time to lock, load, and aim for the bullseye – join us today!

Speed Silhouette

.22 Pistol – 4 Week Shooting League

Course of Fire:
Qty (5) Chickens Targets 10 Yards 10 Rounds
Qty (5) Pig Targets 15 Yards 10 Rounds
Qty (5) Turkey Targets 20 Yards 10 Rounds
Qty (5) Ram Targets 25 Yards 10 Rounds

First 12 Enrollments
6:00 PM Start

$20 per Night

9 Pin Handgun

4 Week Shooting League

9 pins – 30 Feet – Timed Fire – $80

Start from a low ready. On the timer, shoot all 9 pins off the table.
Time stops when the last pin falls. 10 second penalty for every pin left on the table. All skill levels welcome!

3 Classes: Semi, Revolver and Rimfire

Optics allowed.
No mag capacity limits.
Unlimited reloads up to 30 sec.


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