Firearms for Sale

Ultimate Defense carries over 1000 firearms for sale in our inventory. Our expert firearm sales staff is available to offer advice on selecting the perfect option for your specific purpose. If we do not currently have exactly what you want there is a very high likelihood that we can order it and get it delivered in a timely manner. 

Once you have selected and purchased a firearm, our staff will show you the National Instant Check System (NICS) terminal where you will be required to show a valid driver’s license or state ID with your current address on it. The Instant Check terminal questionnaire requires about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Once the NICS system returns with a response of “Proceed” you are able to take possession of your new firearm.

Missouri law has no provision for a state firearms registry and Missouri also has no waiting periods for purchases. If you reside out of state, we can ship the purchase to a licensed dealer in your state for pick-up at a later time.

Must be 21+

for handgun purchases

firearms for sale, firearm sales

Must be 18+

for rifles or shotguns


Ultimate Defense Firing Range is the St. Louis area’s largest purchaser of new and used firearms. Ultimate Defense buyers are certified appraisers by the National Firearms Training Counsel and will offer you a fair purchase price for one firearm or an entire collection. Our buyers cannot offer a fair and accurate appraisal without seeing the firearm(s) so we typically do not make offers on items that we do not have the ability to inspect.

For single firearm sales or small collections, bring your unloaded and cased firearm into Ultimate Defense for your quote. For larger collections, please contact us and we will make arrangements to come to your designated location. Once a price has been agreed upon, we will immediately issue you a check and a document proving proof of transference.

  • Inspection required
  • Fair offers
  • Single firearm or entire collection


Similar to selling a firearm to Ultimate Defense, our certified staff will do an assessment of the value of your trade-in item. Once an agreed upon amount is reached, you will have the option to immediately apply the amount toward the purchase of anything in the store or you can have the amount applied to your customer account to be used at a later time. In-store credit does not expire and will remain on your account until you are ready to redeem it.

  • inspection required
  • ready-to-use credit
  • options for trade-in


If the selling or trading option does not appeal to you, Ultimate Defense has a third option, Consignment Sales. A consignment sale means you still own the property, you are submitting it to Ultimate Defense so we can attempt to sell it for a higher price than you would be able to sell it for on your own. You tell us what price to place on the item and which of our selling options you choose. We charge 20% of the final sale fee for in store sales and 25% for on-line sales. Once the items sells, you may choose to have payment made via check or store credit. If your item does not sell, no sellers fees are charged.

  • you still own the property
  • check or credit options
  • low risk
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