shooting range lane rentals

public shooting range. No reservations required.

Associate Member Shooting Range Fees

  • $20.00 per hour – 1 Shooter
  • $35.00 per hour – 2 Shooters
  • $50.00 per hour – 3 Shooters

Firearm rentals

  • $20 Unlocks the rental wall firearms
  • $20 for Suppressed Firearms
  • $40 Per mag for machine guns

General Limitations

  • 21 years old to rent a lane or rental wall firearm
  • 13 or older to shoot on the range accompanied by a 21 or older

    Prohibited Firearms and Ammunition

    • No tracer rounds, armor piercing, steel core or birdshot rounds.
    • All handgun calibers and rifles up to 300 Blackout are allowed.
    • Shotguns are buckshot and slug ammunition only.
    • Firearms must have some type of sight and shotguns require a stock.
    • Black powder and BB/pellet guns are prohibited.
    public shooting range

    total indoor lanes

    25 yard lanes

    6 yard lanes

    Want to save money on Lane Rentals?

    memberships start at $25/month

    Gold members have unlimited use of the firing lanes without hourly range fees during normal business hours and firearms rentals are free.

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