firearms & nFa transfers

nfa transfers, firearm transfers

Find expert guidance and assistance at Ultimate Defense for both NFA transfers and firearm transfers, ensuring a smooth and compliant process while upholding responsible ownership and public safety.

Ultimate Defense is pleased to accept your item transfer.  A schedule of transfer fees are as follows:

Type 1 Firearms: $50

Serial number transferred.  Includes any item transferable exclusively with an ATF 4473 form.

Type 3 Items: $200

Each serial number transferred.  Includes all items requiring a Form 4 transfer such as machine guns, silencers, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns and “any other” weapons. This transfer fee is separate from the ATF Background check fee of $200.

Please request the shipper include your full information so we can contact you when your item is ready for retrieval:

Name, phone number and email

Many times, the shipper will provide you with a tracking number and you will receive a delivery confirmation email. Although we may have the item on-site, we still have an acquisition process required by ATF that must be completed to deliver your firearm. Rather than contact Ultimate Defense when the delivery is confirmed, please wait until staff contacts you and advises that your item is ready for pick up.

Ultimate Defense will only submit a copy of our license directly to the transfer’s origin entity provided they also possess a Federal Firearms License. We will not provide a copy directly to clients to forward. Please provide our email address (ffl@udrange.com) for FFL/SOT requests. For transfers from out-of-state individuals who do not possess a Federal Firearms License, we require you to get previous authorization from Ultimate Defense staff.

You have 30 days to pick up your transferred item before storage fees apply. If you complete a 4473 form and it gets denied, you have 90 days to make an appeal before storage charges apply. If you choose not to appeal the denied status, you are responsible for fees associated with returning any item.

You have 30 days to complete a Form 4 for Type 3 items before additional storage fees will incur. Appointments to complete your Form 4 packet can be set up by contacting us.

nfa transfers, firearm transfers, nfa transfers
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