the beginning of Ultimate Defense Firing range & training Center

Missouri Concealed Carry Training, L.L.C. started from humble beginnings on October 11, 2003. The first course was a Concealed Carry Course taught by Paul Bastean. The course was conducted in a small hotel banquet center and a farmer’s field was the first firing range. In that course, Paul found purpose in giving clients the knowledge, tools and experience to protect themselves and the people they care about.

The community responded with overwhelming support and after six years of teaching, Paul, along with equity partners, created the vision that became Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center L.L.C.

Ultimate Defense became one of the nation’s top-rated facilities with thousands of online referrals from our loyal customers with the same message: Regardless of your experience level, Ultimate Defense’s expert staff will make you feel safe, comfortable and confident with a firearm.

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our values

Safety – Protect lives, property, well-being, and security without compromise.

Professionalism – Reliability, competence, respect, positive attitude, and communication.

Solution Focus – Actively seek resolutions, alternatives and positive outcomes.

Win as a Team – Achieve together, united in purpose.

Integrity – Authentic, trustworthy and honors commitment.

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