CRAC – Civilian Response to Armed Confrontation


This course is an intense block of instruction that has traditionally only been offered to law enforcement and military personnel. We offer 5 different courses that will immerse you in multiple reality-based scenarios that truly test your mental and physical preparedness to deal with real world encounters while still providing the highest level of student safety. In this course you will be provided all necessary equipment including state-of-the-art General Dynamics Simunition® training equipment.  Take one or take all!  Each will expose you to different and multiple real-world encounters.

Our Simunition® handguns look and perform exactly the same as a normal handgun (a Glock 17), but are engineered to exclusively fire FX® training ammunition. These firearms will not chamber-live ammo.  FX® training rounds leave a “star” shaped detergent based water soluble signature upon impact which takes all the guess work out of evaluating round placement. You will also be provided Simunition® face and head protection and all other necessary safety gear.

Civilian Response to Armed Confrontation instructors are police officers, typically active duty or former SWAT officers who are use-of-force experts. Our role players are trained to maximize the “real world” aspects of a tactical situation and provide valuable perspective to each encounter. The CRAC course is held on site at Ultimate Defense’s Tactical Training facility. The training area has been engineered to include modular walls that provide a nearly unlimited number of different scenarios, including stores, service businesses, office settings, and private residences, making our course the best and most realistic training available.

Course Time: 4 hours

Price: $200.00

Age Requirements: 21 years and older