Driver Safety Course

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Course Time:

1.5 hours



Age Requirements:

15 years and older

Class Description

Our Driver Safety Course significantly boosts your driving awareness, offering in-depth insights into road safety rules, emergency responses, and preventive strategies. This is a classroom-based 1 hour lecture that not only minimizes the likelihood of collisions but also cultivates a responsible driving culture.  It’s a proactive step towards ensuring your and others’ safety on the road.

Driver Safety Course Covers:

  • Regional Defensive Driving Strategies
  • Motor Vehicle Crash Causation
  • Proactive and Precautionary Driving Skills
  • Emergency Response Training for Drivers
  • Special Circumstance Vehicle Maneuvering
  • Threat Identification & Planning


Instructed by active-duty police officer Dep John Fenner, graduate of multiple Emergency Vehicle Operations Courses as well as a Defensive Driving Instructor for Excel Law Enforcement Driving School.

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