Tom Mead

Tom Mead
Certified CCW Instructor

Tom Mead

Tom is a State Certified Concealed Carry Weapons Instructor and Police Department / Officer Trainer. Throughout his career, he has taught and trained countless men, women and young adults in firearms safety and proficiency both in law enforcement and sporting applications.

The following is a brief description of Tom’s training background and qualifications:

  • Certified National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor
  • Certified National Rifle Association Range Safety Officer
  • NRA Life Member
  • Factory Certified Glock Pistol Instructor
  • Multiple Graduate of Chapman Academy obtaining level of Master Qualification
  • Graduate of Lethal Force Institute (LFI) Advanced Handgun Skills
  • Firearm Training System Graduate – (FATS)
  • Certified Operator for M26 Taser and Simunition® Simunition® is a registered trademark of General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems – Canada Inc.
  • Advanced Handgun Proficiency and Tactics Instructor>
  • Tactical Shotgun and Home Defense Instructor
  • Advanced Rifle and Tactical Carbine Instructor
  • Member, United States Practical Shooting
  • Association

  • Range Officer National USPSA Matches
  • Certified Glock Armorer