We’ve been getting lots of questions about the Hearing Protection act and when we believe it is going to pass. Simple fact of the matter is that as of now, it isn’t going to pass. That isn’t pessimism rearing its ugly head, it’s simply impossible under the current political climate.

In October of 2015, Matt Salmon (AZ) proposed a Bill to remove suppressors / silencers from the National Firearms Act jurisdiction which would eliminate the process currently in place to buy a silencer. If this Bill passes, silencers would be treated just like a handgun or rifle where you pick one out, purchase it, complete the 4473 form and upon receiving a “proceed” from the FBI’s National Instant Check System, you could walk out the door the same day with the silencer.

For this to happen it requires a change not in policy or regulation, this is a change to a law that has been on the books since 1934. While a slim chance exists that this may pass the House and Senate, absolutely zero potential exists that President Obama would sign it and the possibility of a two-thirds supermajority vote from both the House and Senate simply doesn’t exist. Fact is that even with a pro-gun president, an “uphill” battle to get through the House and Senate would still exist.

Again, we fully support this Bill because if it would pass, we’d need wheel barrows to haul out the silencers for sale and dump trucks to haul the money away, but for now, it’s just a wish, not a possibility. How sure am I of my prediction? If this Bill were to pass, I would personally invite you all to an Ultimate Defense T-Rex B-B-Q complete with unicorn rides and an acrobatic aerial demonstration from our Ultimate Defense Fire Breathing Dragon Squadron.

If you were waiting to see what was going to happen with this Bill before you buy a silencer, I would you suggest you call us and get your trust and Form 4’s in sooner than later.

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