First Time Shooter

Do I need my own gun or ammunition?

No – Ultimate Defense prides itself on delivering everything you need to simply walk in and enjoy your first experience at a range.

Will I shoot a gun my first time at the range?

We know everyone has a different level of anxiousness when it comes to firearms and shooting for the first time. We are here to help – just ask and we will assist you with observing as well as hands-on training.

Do I need safety equipment?

Ultimate Defense has eye and ear protection available for sale in our retail center.  If you’re unsure about purchasing eye and ear protection, you may rent it for a nominal charge.

Will someone help me shoot?

Absolutely.  If you are considering partnering with a private instructor when you step into the range, we can coordinate that. Or if you prefer to just be pointed in the right direction, our range staff and range safety officers are here ready to assist you. We want this to be a positive experience you are able to share with your friends.

Can I go on the range with friends?

Yes – we offer an assortment of packages to make sure you and your friends have a memorable time with us at Ultimate Defense. The range staff can assist you with lane bookings and reservations as well.