Women’s Self Defense

TACTICS TO STOP AN ASSALT (this is not a handgun course)

Course Time: 4 hours (1 evening)

Price: $45.00

Age Requirements: 13 years and older.

Course Description: Let us instruct you on the best and simplest
tactics for physically defending yourself. We will teach you SIMPLE
techniques that are effective and easy to perform without having to
rely on superior strength or undergo hours and hours of training.
This course teaches unarmed tactics which include striking with
hands, feet, knees and elbows on instructors protected with padding.
Each student is taught the PROPER way to deploy mace on an attacker
and is given an inert water-based canister to practice with. Taser training is included with footage of real deployments on attackers and suspects. (a Taser is demonstrated using a live cartridge on a dummy target).

You will learn:
“At Risk” Factors
Attackers Motives and Mental Status
Effective Target Areas
Simple Maneuvers to Escape
Disabling Strikes & Injuries
Pepper Spray