The “Ultimate Trigger Time” Competitive Shooting Course, is a series of 3 – 2 hour – evening classes, designed around the competition shooting sports USPSA and IDPA to teach individuals how to shoot faster and more accurately.

Each class will consist of different shooting drills focusing upon key aspects competition shooting.

Course Cost – $ 200.00 (covers all 3 classes)

Required Equipment:

– Holster suitable for USPSA and/or IDPA competition.

– 9mm or larger Handgun suitable for USPSA and/or IDPA competition.

– Minimum of 3 Magazines or SpeedLoaders

– Minimum of 2 Magazine or SpeedLoader Pouches

– Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition per class

Seating is limited – Advanced Regristration is Required!

See our Calendar for upcoming class dates!

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