Emailed to us on Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi, Guys,

I just wanted to tell you a few things about my experiences since becoming a member at Ultimate Defense:

1. Staff:  Every staff member I have met has been friendly, up-beat, positive, helpful, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.  Even when parking is an issue outside, my ability to find help with my needs inside has yet to be an issue.  And with the variety of personalities in the shop, I’m never in a hurry to leave.

2. Inventory:  Although the business is still new, I feel that the inventory is extensive and wide enough to take care of most needs.  And if those needs wander outside of what’s available, I can still get what I’m looking for within a few days.  Presentation and organization is neat, tidy, and orderly, giving the feel of a place run by a staff that cares.

3. Facility:  Top-notch.  I even got an impromptu tour of the construction of the range and it’s clear that the safety of the shooters and the public are the number one priority.

4. Specific:  The fact that I can walk in, ask for a Glock 19, and try it out before I buy it–is immeasurable.  When I was ready to buy, I walked in the door of a packed shop and was immediately greeted personally.  Matt answered every question I had in a way that didn’t make me feel pressured to pick one model over another.  The personal anecdotes from staff like him–many of which also happen to be in law enforcement–add to setting one at ease as well as feeling well-informed.  As it turned out, Matt wasn’t the only one helping with my purchase.  I had at least three people offering information and assistance without getting in each other’s way or making me feel pressured.

I’m naturally skeptical.  But when I and a small group of my close friends walked into Ultimate Defense for the first time, I was ready to make an investment in the place.  I believe that with the continuation of the owners’ and staff’s commitment to what has already made Ultimate Defense the success that it is, there are many more years of success for us all to enjoy.



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