Time Line: 2 Hours

Requirements: Glock handgun, Full cleaning Kit, Safety Glasses

Includes: Free Glock Armorer’s Tool

In this course you will learn to completely disassemble your Glock handgun (down to every piece) inspect it for undue wear and breakage and clean and maintain it properly. You will learn about the operating cycle and how to use that information to identify and cure malfunctions. This course will also discuss the Glock history and the myths surrounding it’s care and use.

This course is a MUST for all Glock handgun owners

Items Covered

  • Introduction to Glock “Safe Action” Pistols
  • History
  • Proper Pistol Operation
  • Theory of Operation
  • Field & Detail Stripping
  • Assembly and Safety Testing
  • Factory Replacement & Upgrades
  • Sight Replacements
  • Magazine Disassembly/Assembly
  • Cleaning and Lubrication
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Diagnosing Common Problems

* This is NOT a Glock Certified Armorer’s Course. This is a Ultimate Defense Glock Owners Maintenance Course. There will be NO shooting or ammunition involved in this class.

Costs: $75.00

See Calendar for available dates.

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