Pre-requisite: Defensive Handgun 1

This one day, 8 hour, 300-round training course will further advanced areas of both semi-auto and revolver proficiency, directly correlating to Missouri’s new Right to Concealed Carry. The course is taught by veteran NRA Police Firearms Instructors and will sharpen your shooting skills and abilities immeasurably.

This advanced block of instruction is predominantly a firing range intensive course that will include:

  • Continued individual instruction on furthering your ability to shoot faster
    and more accurately
  • Instruction on weapon retention and disarming techniques
  • Multiple threat engagement
  • Incorporation of movement while firing rounds
  • Recognition of lethal force threats and force justification
  • “Evil 8” aptitude assessment and skill building exercise
  • Plus much more.

This advanced course is geared toward training individuals, rather than large classes, therefore the number of participants will be limited.

Please note, due to the high demand for this class, 7 days advance notice is required for all cancellations in order to obtain a full refund. Otherwise, class fee will be forfeited. All payments are required in advance.

A reliable handgun (of any caliber), 300 rounds of ammunition, a minimum of THREE magazines, a gun case, a holster, a baseball style cap, eye and ear protection are required equipment for this course.

See our Calendar for upcoming class dates!

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