Complete your training and qualification for a Missouri Resident or Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit in one day!

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center is by far the largest and most trusted firearms training provider in Missouri.  Since 2003, we have trained over 7,000 individuals from 47 Missouri Counties and 7 states.

Our Concealed Carry Endorsement – Firearms Safety Training Course meets the mandatory training requirements established by Missouri State Statute and is approved by the standards set forth by each individual Missouri Sheriff’s Department.  In addition, this training course exceeds the standards and requirements set forth by the states of Florida for their respective Non-Resident Concealed Carry Permit.

Handgun knowledge and/or experience is NOT required in order to take this course! 

The course places a special emphasis on:

  • Firearms safety in and outside of the home,
  • Instruction and basic principles of marksmanship,
  • Care and cleaning,
  • Holstering,
  • Legal requirements of the state for certification,
  • Laws relating to concealed carry, and
  • Justifiable use of force.

The course consists of eight (8) hours intense instruction divided between an interactive lecture followed by live fire range training. Upon successful completion of training, each individual will be issued a certificate of Firearms Safety Training and the appropriate completed paperwork necessary for submitting your Concealed Carry application.

Owning or providing your own firearm is not a requirement.  A .22 caliber semi-automatic and revolver and ammunition will be provided at no charge.

Course participants are encouraged to  provide their own semi-automatic and revolver for the range portion of instruction.  If you choose to bring your own firearm(s), you will need to bring total of 140 rounds of ammunition.  All firearms must be carried in closed case, unloaded, and readily available for inspection. All firearms will be inspected prior to admittance to range.  Ammunition must be carried in a separate container from the firearm.

Additionally, eye and ear protection is required safety range equipment.  If you do not have the required equipment, it will be provided for you at no additional charge.

Price: $135.00

See our Calendar for upcoming class dates!

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