In 2003, Paul Bastean started Missouri Concealed Carry Training, L.L.C. (MCCT) to provide the opportunity for people to achieve a higher level of firearms proficiency while obtaining their concealed carry permit.

From the start, Paul made a commitment to his customers who attended the mandatory eight hours of training that satisfied the statutory requirement. The commitment was that customers would leave the course with a higher level of firearms proficiency, a better understanding of firearms safety, and an overall greater knowledge of the laws that pertain to firearms and Missouri’s Use of Force Statutes.

The first Concealed Carry Course was conducted on October 11, 2003 and had 34 attendees. Since that first course, Paul and his staff have instructed over 5000 clients, and MCCT has grown to become the largest concealed carry training provider in the State of Missouri.

In 2007, Paul responded to customer requests for additional courses that went beyond the skill levels taught in the Concealed Carry Course. Paul expanded the course catalog and introduced the Advanced Handgun Proficiency Training Course, the Shotgun Home Defense Course, the Tactical Carbine/AR-15 Operator’s Course, the Tactical Handgun Course and the Woman’s Self Defense Course.

With the introduction of these new courses, the demand for firearms training grew so rapidly that the original outdoor range facility used for MCCT training was no longer adequate to support the business. In 2008, Paul began researching indoor firing ranges. He solicited help from investors who were instrumental in building Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center.

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center hosts all of MCCT’s courses and features a state-of-the-art indoor firing range, a full line retail operation and a dedicated classroom facility.

Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center is built upon the principle that “superior customer service” is not just an advertising slogan, but is truly our way of conducting business. Whether you have never fired a firearm before, or are intimately familiar with shooting sports, Ultimate Defense Firing Range & Training Center will provide expert advice and superior products for all of your firearms needs.

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